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The old saying that any news is good news isn’t true, especially when it comes to your online reputation.

People will talk about your company regardless of whether you respond to an online review, but often, how you respond can make all the difference in two areas.

Will that disgruntled customer tell everyone they know about how unhappy they are?
Or, will you nip their complaint in the bud and offer to make it right immediately, turning an unhappy consumer into someone who sings your praises?

4 Great Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Have controls in place to get alerts on anything posted about your company – good or bad – so you can respond quickly to what people are saying about you. Google Alerts is a great solution.
Subscribe to online reputation software and appoint one person dedicated to answering reviews. This is a business strategy that will ultimately save you time and effort since all reviews are condensed in one place.
Google your business. What are customers saying about you online and social media? Think: Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and the dozens of other review sites out there. Do a comprehensive search.
Google your competitors. Even the slightest improvement in ratings or tone of how people speak about others offering the same service can absolutely sway a customer to call them instead of you.
When you search for your business, you may find only good reviews and think you can stop reading and relax. Wrong! Even good reviews need answered. When a review goes unanswered, it makes your company look slow to respond to its customers, which is not a message you want to send to potential clients.

You can spend countless hours meticulously ensuring that you appear first in search results with the right SEO marketing strategy, but if you aren’t also controlling your reputation online, well, you are wasting your time.

A whopping 94 percent of consumers do internet research before making a purchase. Regardless of the format in which your business or service presents itself; i.e. brick and mortar, online services, consulting or coaching or eCommerce, your online reputation still matters immensely.

Responding to Positive Feedback – 4 Quick Things To Say

When a customer posts something positive about your company, try this four-part response.

Acknowledge their loyalty and thank them for their business. Sounds obvious, but many brands forget the all -important two words, “Thank you.”
Insert your brand promise. Something like, “We strive to provide fast service that never overlooks the small details,” or whatever key service standards you’ve chosen to be the backbone of your business.
Encourage them to consider your company for future needs and share your name with their friends.
Mention an employee if they single them out for outstanding service, especially if you are in the service industry, “We are so happy Tom provided top-notch customer service.” Companies that acknowledge their team show they care about their employees in the field – and customers like to know that their service person was publicly thanked and recognized.

Responding to Negative Feedback – 3 Painless Must Do’s

When a customer posts something negative about their experience with your company, don’t go on the defense. Despite your side of the story, this is a customer who needs their voice heard and feels justified in sharing their experience with you and the entire internet.

Start by acknowledging why they are unhappy. For example, if they aren’t pleased with your company’s timeliness start off by saying, “We apologize that we disappointed you.” Here’s your chance to show you care about your customers and reiterate that their experience is not how you strive to conduct business.
Apologize! “Our goal is to provide superior service in a timely manner in all interactions, and we’re sorry you didn’t have that experience with us.”
Reach out to them personally. “We hope you’ll give us a second chance to serve you and show our true commitment to our customers.” Ask them to email your Customer Service department with details and a contact number so a member of your team can personally call them.
Reputation management is a constant job that isn’t going away anytime soon. You can be famous for being timely, concerned and responsive to all your customers, even the chronic complainers.

Need someone to manage your reputation online? We are experts; contact us if you want to sleep peacefully, knowing all your reviews are being answered within 24 hours. We guarantee it.

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