Answering your positive reviews brings many benefits!

Before you roll your eyes, I am not suggesting that negative online reviews should be ignored or skimmed over. Not at all.

But, that is a topic for another article.

Meanwhile, the majority of the human race, at least I like to think, are happy to leave a nice review and a compliment, publicly thanking someone for a job well done.

Just think about all the people who leave tips for restaurant servers, their manicurist, Uber or Lyft drivers….. I could go on and on.

Their tip signifies a “thank you, good job!”

Now shift those compliments to the online world. The value of a positive review is truly priceless. Why?


Think: Google and SEO.

So, what do reviews have to do with SEO you may be asking? Well, Google is King, so just about everything. If your reputation is poor, or you have no reviews at all, it is more difficult for Google to find your links and index them for search engines.

Look at these images from Google search for one of our valued 3 google results

We work with this client and manage his online reputation.

We answer every single review – positive and negative for this client.

The results are stellar.

Our answers are carefully crafted to use their company name in our responses and their best keywords. That gives them a huge boost in SEO. A simple response to a review.

If you are actively reading and responding to the loyal clientele who take the time to share a great service experience, you will be a winner, in more ways than one.

Don’t have the time or personnel to respond to your reviews or manage your online reputation?

If you want to dominate your competition and Google, reach out to us; it’s our specialty. We work with restaurants, hotels, and service industries.

We provide rapid response to your reviews, within 24-48 hours.

Even if you are using a Reputation Management platform, no worries! We are familiar with most of them and act as an Admin to go behind the scenes and take care of your responses.

No Reputation Management platform? We provide that, too, with one of our valued partners; taking care of onboarding and setting up your account.

Let us take this tedious (but important) task off  your plate.

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