Alt Tags Explained – 5 Simple To Understand Tips That Are Priceless

Alt tags are important but confusing and often missed when putting the finishing touches on your meta-content. Don’t forget about alt tags as they add excellent search engine value! Understanding Alt Tags So what exactly are alt tags? It’s the alternative text that displays when an image to which it is assigned does not display for one reason or another. Alt tags can also be made visible by hovering your cursor over an image. See the text that pops up as a tool tip beneath my cursor on the image below? That’s the alt tag I assigned to the image from my previous blog about networking. In addition to being… Read More

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Your business’s online presence may be good and hitting your benchmarks, but what you might not realize is, there’s even more potential to reach more customers via search engines. Keep ignoring your search engine optimization (SEO), and you might find yourself slowly losing clients as they search for a product or service related to yours and find your competitors instead. SEO is not a new marketing concept, but if you still need to be convinced it’s time to create an SEO marketing plan, here’s the 5 reasons you can’t (and shouldn’t!) ignore your SEO. Organic search is a free way to grow your business. Take a look at your marketing… Read More

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