The ROI Of Answering Positive Reviews

Before you roll your eyes, I am not suggesting that negative online reviews should be ignored or skimmed over. Not at all. But, that is a topic for another article. Meanwhile, the majority of the human race, at least I like to think, are happy to leave a nice review and a compliment, publicly thanking someone for a job well done. Just think about all the people who leave tips for restaurant servers, their manicurist, Uber or Lyft drivers….. I could go on and on. Their tip signifies a “thank you, good job!” Now shift those compliments to the online world. The value of a positive review is truly priceless.… Read More

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Why Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay to be Famous

The old saying that any news is good news isn’t true, especially when it comes to your online reputation. People will talk about your company regardless of whether you respond to an online review, but often, how you respond can make all the difference in two areas. Will that disgruntled customer tell everyone they know about how unhappy they are? Or, will you nip their complaint in the bud and offer to make it right immediately, turning an unhappy consumer into someone who sings your praises? 4 Great Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation Have controls in place to get alerts on anything posted about your company – good or… Read More

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