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Your business’s online presence may be good and hitting your benchmarks, but what you might not realize is, there’s even more potential to reach more customers via search engines.

Keep ignoring your search engine optimization (SEO), and you might find yourself slowly losing clients as they search for a product or service related to yours and find your competitors instead.

SEO is not a new marketing concept, but if you still need to be convinced it’s time to create an SEO marketing plan, here’s the 5 reasons you can’t (and shouldn’t!) ignore your SEO.

Organic search is a free way to grow your business.

Take a look at your marketing budget or even just your online presence. It probably includes hosting fees, digital ads and social media monitoring. That’s valuable time, money and effort that can be maximized by boosting your SEO. Once keywords and SEO strategy are implemented on your website, organic search results will start driving customers to you to learn more about your company. It’s basically free prospecting of which you should be taking advantage. And, professional SEO services are a worthwhile consideration for your business.

It makes your efforts on your website matter.

Maybe your blog is really great, and you provide more insights than anyone else in your industry, but it lacks keyword strategy and doesn’t help you reach more customers in searching for information related to the topic. Your efforts in publishing your blog or doing regular maintenance on your website are lost if they aren’t backed up with SEO writing strategies that weave a tale around keywords.

It brings the right customers to your website.

Even if your website traffic’s main source is organic search, is your traffic the right customers? If you’re unsure of your SEO strategy, it very well may be that you aren’t reaching the right people. Doing a full assessment of what keywords you should be targeting and on which pages will help ensure the right customers reach the right page on your website. You may know who your customers are, but not targeting them in organic search is a mistake.

It provides credibility to average internet searchers.

Even if your audience makes it to the bottom of the first page of search results or the second page of search results, they probably don’t have the same view of those companies that show up later in results than those at the very top. Add in the fact that the more they see your company name in results related to their interests, the more they’ll start to think of you first before going to their favorite search engine and you’ll realize SEO is a strategy you should be implementing.

As the internet becomes more and more saturated with buying options and blogs to read, SEO is your opportunity to beat your competitors to earn more market share in your industry.

Need help finding your keywords or learning about why implementing SEO on your website is a must? Contact us and let’s talk about how your company name can stand out in search with minimal effort and cost.

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