Chatbot Creation & Marketing

Chatbot Creation & Marketing

Chatbots are simply an automated way to interact with your customers. They are deployed on your Facebook business page and programmed by us to do a variety of tasks such as:

  • Greet people and invite them to subscribe on Messenger (there is always an opt-out button!)
  • Run contests
  • Conduct customer polls
  • Chat "blast" a message about a limited special offer or an introduction to a new product or service
  • Run a drip campaign to your subscribers
  • Share your blog posts
  • Invite people to your webinar
  • Ask for reviews
  • Giveaway your ebook
  • And much, much, more……………………

All within Facebook Messenger!

At Social Meets Digital, we create your Chatbot, based on your goals. We link it to your Facebook Business page and then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Open rates of over 80% and Click Through Rates (CTR) of 40% and higher.

We can create your Chatbot and deploy it for you and we can link your bot to Facebook Messenger Advertising and market the heck out of it for way less dollars than you would spend on regular Facebook Ads.

From a simple bot creation to a complex marketing plan – we can do it all.

Rates are quoted after we meet and speak with you about your needs.

Contact us to set up your discovery session.